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Accelerating economic recovery and shaping a stronger future for our nation's capital region

Task Force Recommendations

The COVID-19 Strategic Renewal Task Force is a team dedicated to the economic recovery and renewal of the DMV as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Task Force is committed to enabling regional collaboration and cooperation that will set the foundation for accelerating economic recovery and shaping a stronger future for our nation's capital region.  

The Task Force is made up of 51 leaders who represent regional organizations, academia, the public sector, industry and community, and the federal government. Each member and their representative sectors can be viewed on our Task Force Members page.


The Task Force is working closely with Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, their respective administrations, and local governments across the DMV. The Task Force will also coordinate with other task forces and advisory bodies to align efforts and limit redundancies.

The Task Force will convene monthly from May to October 2020. Upon its conclusion, the Task Force will present a strategy and actionable recommendations that will set the foundations for a more robust and durable marketplace for innovators, small and large businesses, and other organizations to thrive in the DMV. 

What makes this Task Force unique? 

The Connected DMV COVID-19 Strategic Renewal Task Force is a unique collaboration of leaders from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia with a regional focus on long-term economic recovery and renewal to shape a stronger future for the DMV.

The Task Force focuses exclusively on the region’s response to the pandemic, whereas other task forces are focused more specifically on their own function or jurisdiction. By design, the Task Force includes other regional organizations to ensure that the recommendations presented are in the best interest of the DMV at large.

What exactly is the Task Force addressing?


As stay-at-home orders are lifted, the DMV is starting to re-open and is entering the recovery stage. Given the unique nature of the region, the recovery will not look the same across jurisdictions, communities, or neighborhoods. 


Rather than pursuing a “return to normal,” we seek to propel the region forward and accelerate our economic renewal with forward-thinking initiatives that drive our longer-term goal of making the DMV a recognized global leader in resilience, innovation, competition, and equality.


As we envision our region’s renewal, we will vigorously pursue equitable growth for all our residents. The pandemic and its aftermath is changing how our region lives, works, and plays. Connected DMV is gathering the region's leaders through the Task Force to help re-imagine the DMV and shape its economy for inclusive growth and well-being for years to come.

Specifically, we are advancing solutions for the Region's long-term future that meet the following health and economic goals: 

  • Delivering equity 

  • Building resilience 

  • Equipping our people 

  • Reimagining infrastructure 

  • Accelerating our economy 


How does this translate into action?


The Task Force is evaluating recommendations across the following focus areas: 

  • Regional Collaboration: The Task Force is providing a much-needed point of view that spans jurisdictions and sectors and complements local, state, and federal government efforts to balance short-and-long term objectives. A stronger regional partnership between the public and private sectors will enhance the services of local and state governments and improve DMV residents’ quality of life through timely, coordinated action that is fiscally sustainable. 

  • Health & Education: We must position our region to thrive in the face of major transformations across health, education, and the workforce. Recovery cannot happen at the expense of disadvantaged communities. Policies must reflect an awareness of all residents’ circumstances. That’s why the Task Force will recommend establishing regional benchmarks, coordinating contact tracing data, and conducting scenario planning for the region’s stakeholders to reduce the spread of the virus and better prepare for future events. Education, training, and workforce development initiatives are also vital to help under-served communities and residents regain and improve their financial footing following this crisis. 


  • Infrastructure & Technology: Renewing our region’s physical and digital infrastructure and introducing new technology in responsible ways will be critical for our future wellness and prosperity. Public health and economic data are essential to these efforts. The insights we gain will enable more informed decisions and allow our region to collectively resolve challenges and drive results. As we live in an increasingly digitally connected world, we must embrace technology innovation while carefully putting standards and safeguards in place that honor and protect our civil liberties. 

Connected DMV is working closely with its 18 Solution Groups—comprised of hundreds of regional experts and practitioners—to develop Task Force recommendations. Potential areas for consideration being explored for Task Force recommendations include: 



Resilience Exercises

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

Facility Repurposing for Emergencies

Connected DMV Innovation Zone

Public Sector Shared Services

Vaccine Corridor

Regional 10-K

Public Works Readiness Plan

DMV Promotional Website & Campaign

Fast-Track Permitting

Health &


Coordinated Contact Tracing

Food & Water Supply

Safe Environments for School & Work

Workforce Supply / Demand Matching

Health Data Sharing

Digital Learning

Social & Emotional Health

Pandemic Command Center

Telehealth - Remote Patient Availability

Urban Buildings as Farms

Infrastructure & Technology

Regional Data Privacy

Connectivity For All

Data Sharing & Interoperability

Regional Cybersecurity Center

DMV Data Vault

Regional PPP

Development Fund

Shared IT Reference Architecture

Integrated Mobility

Quantum Policy

& Technology Center

Geographic Intelligence & Planning

This is our region's best chance to propel forward. 

Why is the Task Force the right forum for this moment? 


  • We’re a trusted partner and regional voice committed to accelerating equitable economic recovery in the DMV.  

  • We’re a regional connector with buy-in from federal and local government leaders, major corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and academic institutions. 

  • We’re integrated into the community we serve with a long-term focus on renewing and revitalizing our region, especially our most vulnerable and underrepresented communities.  

  • We’re offering a future-focused perspective to meet the evolving needs and expectations of governments, communities, workers, and residents.  


Let’s change the way we live, work, and play—to grow, develop, and thrive as a region. The Task Force is comprised of a broad cross-section of regional leaders and experts, and we are leveraging their collective capabilities and strengths to accelerate the economic recovery and future of our region. We’re in this together.


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