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What are Solution Groups?

Solution Groups are comprised of regional leaders spanning the public and private sectors, academia, and community. Solution Groups are Connected DMV’s primary mechanism to engage the region and community. These groups work with the Connected DMV team to provide thought leadership and feedback on the continued design and implementation of regional initiatives.

Solution Groups Profile







Carrie Parker

Human Capital
Solution Group So-Chair

Sharon Tiger,
Human Capital
Solution Group

The Human Capital Solutions Group has me sitting in the RIGHT room. I'm surrounded by Greater Washington's most inspiring leaders from private industry, academia, public sector, and civil society working together on regional challenges and opportunities to create a stronger future for the DMV.

How are Solution Groups structured?

The structure of Solution Groups mirrors Connected DMV's Regional Framework:

The Regional Framework is Connected DMV's conceptual architecture to advance the region's most important opportunities and address its most critical challenges. It structures how we think about the services, ideas, and solutions we bring forward to our region.

The vertical grey bars correspond to the region's industries and domains and are the areas where regional solutions are focused.

The horizontal bars represent enabling capabilities and foundations upon which regional solutions will be designed and built. They are also key considerations for the public sector.

The two tables below contain the scope and focus areas of the 18 Solution Groups.

Who are Solution Groups?

​Solution Groups are groups of community driven volunteers representing all industries and sectors. Each group is led by one or two co-chairs who bring leadership and domain expertise (see our co-chairs here). The Connected DMV team works closely with the co-chairs to define the key activities and work products for the Solution Groups. The value of Solution Groups is rooted in the experience that each member offers. We always welcome new members to our Solution Groups.

What do Solution Groups do?

​Solution Groups kicked off in June 2019 and initially worked on identifying digital and technical solutions to help advance the region. After the onset of COVID-19, the Solution Groups shifted their focus to assisting Connected DMV in designing recommendations and implementing approved initiatives from the COVID-19 Strategic Renewal Task Force. Solution Groups will help support delivery of Connected DMV initiatives after the Task Force concludes in October 2020. The following timeline shows this high-level history and trajectory.

How do Solution Groups support the Task Force?

Solution Groups help develop initiatives and actionable recommendations for Task Force consideration focused on accelerating the region’s economic recovery and future resilience. Connected DMV’s Task Force Operations Team works closely with the Solution Groups to support research, provide input and analysis, liaise with other stakeholders, and help shape the recommendations’ content. After Task Force members approve a recommendation, Solution Groups assist with the design and implementation of regional initiatives. For more detail on these initiatives, see here.

Solution Group co-chairs meet monthly to exchange individual meeting feedback and discuss needed cross-group collaboration. The following table shows the key Solution Groups by Task Force recommendation.


How can I join a Solution Group?

Please contact Ashley Desing, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, at

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