Monthly Highlights - April 2019

  • Launched monthly GWSRM collaboration meetings (BOT, COG, CUWMA)

  • Finalized strategic collaboration with WMATA given its existing authorities, assets, and long-term role as regional steward

  • Hosted regional organizations for GWSRM briefing and invitation to join as collaboration partners

  • Briefed local chambers of commerce and invited their participation in GWSRM

  • Met with MWAA and GWP, inviting participation in GWSRM

  • Identified the need for a regional standard for disabilities in GWSRM

  • Launched joint working sessions with COG Environment, Transportation, and Homeland Security & Public Safety teams

  • Extended invitation to industry, academia, government, and non-profits for participation in Solution Groups

  • Created first draft of long-term governance strategy for GWSRM

  • Initiated regular cadence of meetings with the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO)

  • Created GWSRM sponsorship strategy for fundraising of $3.5 million along with corresponding sponsorship packages

  • Received confirmation for key decisions, funding requirements (GWSRM and BOT ongoing operations), and GWSRM sponsorship strategy including sponsor benefit packages from BOT Officers

  • Delivered a GWSRM deep dive session at Uber offices for members of the BOT Board of Directors

  • Participated in Dentons Smart City Roundtable

  • Met with Verizon Smart City 2.0 team to understand Verizon’s vision for connected communities

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