Monthly Highlights - February 2019

  • Created mission and vision statements for GWSRM

  • Identified a set of guiding principles to frame the GWSRM initiative

  • Identified GWSRM as an infrastructure initiative, differentiated from the prevalent application-oriented approaches

  • Defined GWSRM as a 20-year initiative

  • Engaged COG to jointly define a public-private partnering strategy

  • Engaged CUWMA to incorporate broad-scale academic participation

  • Engaged Dr. Sokwoo Rhee from Commerce/NIST to brief GWSRM initiative and solicit best practices

  • Met with Department of Defense to better align with existing and future national security requirements

  • Confirmed the GWSRM mission, vision, guiding principles, partnership strategy, and funding requirements with the BOT Officers

  • Finalized the strategic decision to establish BOT, COG, and CUWMA as the GWSRM founding partners

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