Monthly Highlights - March 2019

  • Created an operating model framework for GWSRM outlining an integrated view of the region

  • Created a technical representation of smart cities to highlight the importance of infrastructure

  • Created Solution Group framework and approach as a mechanism for member and partner engagement

  • Reviewed the GWSRM mission, vision, guiding principles, partnership strategy, regional operating model framework, funding requirements, and key risks with the BOT Executive Committee

  • Received approval from COG’s Board of elected officials to support the Strategy Phase of GWSRM

  • Received approval from CUWMA’s Board of University Presidents to support the Strategy Phase of GWSRM

  • Formally launched GWSRM in ceremony at Capital Area Food Bank with founding partners and federal government representation (with corresponding press release)

  • Received national recognition from Washington Post story regarding smart region initiative

  • Confirmed GWSRM strategy and partnership/collaboration agreements with industry steering committee

  • Updated the BOT Board of Directors on the GWSRM mission, vision, value proposition, regional operating model framework, and Solution Group approach for member engagement

  • Conducted initial healthcare meetings to identify early projects to improve benefits to veterans

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