Monthly Highlights - May 2019

  • Created a regional shared services hypothesis to extend and accelerate government services with private sector input

  • Confirmed key assumptions on the overall GWSRM strategy, governance, cybersecurity, regional shared services, P3s, and procurement from two meetings of the Strategic Advisory Council

  • Confirmed the Solution Group approach and regional shared services strategy with the industry steering committee

  • Conducted the initial Solution Group Chair orientation sessions

  • Confirmed key decisions, partnership progress, funding requirements, and GWSRM sponsorship strategy including sponsor benefit packages with the BOT Executive Committee

  • Identified initial sponsorship candidates from industry and foundations and began pursuit of a strategic Title Sponsor for GWSRM

  • Briefed Montgomery County Executive on the GWSRM regional strategy

  • Conducted executive conversation with BOT members and elected officials from the COG Board of Directors to determine the strategic direction of GWSRM

  • Presented GWSRM strategy at Smart Infrastructure Summit and the CRE Connect Summit

  • Presented detailed strategy to Northern Virginia Chamber’s leadership committee and invited collaboration

  • Began individual meetings to build collaboration with Federal City Council, The Economic Club of Washington DC, and the Northern Virginia Technology Council, inviting participation as partners

  • Presented GWSRM to Junior Achievement Board meeting requesting collaboration in Education Solution Group

  • Reached Solution Group participation level of 200 members and 100+ companies/organizations

  • Initiated collaboration discussions with the new Commander of the Military District of Washington for Resilience and Sustainability Solution Group

  • Met with DC Grantmakers Association to propose assistance with GWSRM funding

  • Identified two potential strategic initiatives for community colleges, including regional supply/demand matching and cross registration

  • Began engagement with CIT to better integrate with Virginia’s approved digital initiatives

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