Monthly Highlights - May 2020

  • Formed and announced the 51 members of the COVID-19 Strategic Renewal Task Force representing regional organizations, academia, public sector, industry and community, and the federal government

  • Convened the kick-off meeting of the COVID-19 Strategic Renewal Task Force. Task Force members provided their priorities and affirmed their support for regional collaboration to tackle the pandemic. See here for more details.

  • Developed the Task Force's focus domains and proposed areas of recommendations related to COVID-19 reopening and recovery based on member priorities (to be announced publicly in June)

  • APCO Worldwide, a DC-based strategic communications firm, joined the Connected DMV team to support communications and public relations efforts related to the COVID-19 Strategic Renewal Task Force

  • Upgraded the Connected DMV website and communications operations

  • Convened the Strategic Advisory Council to discuss the path forward for the Task Force and other Connected DMV initiatives

  • Held an all-hands meeting with the Solution Group co-chairs as well as select individual co-chair meetings to discuss the next phase of input to regional recommendations for the Task Force

  • The Building & Urban Design Solution Group presented regional project ideas related to urban design, quality of life, and resilience in the built environment

  • Convened two Board of Trustees meetings emphasizing inclusion of regional organizations as integral to Connected DMV governance and business strategy

  • Completed all remaining filing requirements for receipt of public grants

  • Developed the Task Force recommendation for contact tracing

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