PQIC Status Updates

Updated: Mar 24

This page contains the latest Potomac Quantum Innovation Center (PQIC) program updates. Please subscribe through the PQIC landing page to receive periodic updates or to contact us. Last updated March 24, 2021.


Developed PQIC program framework to drive DMV quantum leadership across:

  • Five functional pillars (Education & Workforce, Research & Development, Market Acceleration, Policy & Standards, Funding & Marketing)

  • Three domain cohorts for cross-sector impact and needs-based prioritization (Life Sciences, Transportation, and Energy)

Near-term focus on work streams:

  • Education & Workforce Pillar

  • Research & Development Pillar

  • Policy & Standards Pillar

  • Life Sciences Domain Cohort

Secured initial funding

Establishing a strategy for multi-stakeholder regional funding pursuits

Steering Committee

Confirmed regional leaders to serve as PQIC Steering Committee members

Holding the 1st PQIC Steering Committee meeting on April 9

Education & Workforce Pillar

Developed the Education & Workforce program framework, consisting of quantum talent development, attraction, and retention across K-12, higher education, and the workforce

Formed the Education & Workforce Working Group, consisting of 19 members across academia, industry, civil society, and government

Conducted three Working Group meetings and broke into sub-groups:

  • Quantum Awareness & Engagement Sessions

  • Regional Assets & Capabilities Inventory (Educational Programs + Equipment / Software)

  • Quantum Skills Directory

  • Regional Education & Workforce Roadmap

Policy Pillar

Developed an initial draft of the Policy Impact program framework in collaboration with PQIC partners

Engaging policy experts and forming the Policy Impact Working Group

Research & Development Pillar

Developing an initial draft of the Research & Development program framework in collaboration with PQIC partners

Engaging technology and solution innovation experts to form the R&D Working Group

Planning for a regional shared quantum infrastructure construct

Life Sciences Domain Cohort

Engaging regional industry, academia, and Federal stakeholders to form the Life Sciences Domain Cohort


Conducting ongoing engagement with regional stakeholders and the wider quantum ecosystem

Coordinating with local quantum innovators and key national and regional initiatives such as the Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance, Quantum Start-Up Foundry, and Quantum Technology Center at UMD, Quantum Science and Engineering Center at GMU, Quantum Industry Coalition, National Quantum Literacy Network, and Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C)