REDS Status Updates

Updated: Mar 24

This page contains the latest Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) program updates. Last updated March 24, 2021.


Developing the final REDS 1.0 strategy report, to be released in May 2021

Released a public announcement on REDS progress and a set of regional economic development collaboration goals and guiding principles approved by the Steering Committee

Concluded Research & Discovery (Phase 1) and Alternatives Analysis (Phase 2), the latter focusing on potential collaboration models, joint regional programs, and a regional economic mobility and social equity mapping function and index

Presented REDS progress to the COG Region Forward Coalition on January 22 (see the presentation materials here)

Steering Committee

Held 4th Steering Committee meeting on March 8

  • Reviewed Alternatives Analysis recommendations, including development of an enduring collaboration model, potential regional programs (joint economic development actions around regional branding, marketing, and talent development), and an economic mobility and social equity mapping function and index as a regional planning and evaluation tool

  • Approved REDS Goals and Guiding Principles

Holding 5th Steering Committee meeting on April 5 to review progress towards drafting the REDS 1.0 strategy report

Working Group

Developing recommendations, and drafting the final REDS 1.0 strategy report

Completed interviews with 10 regional economic development leaders and developing analysis and executive summary

Continued meeting one-on-one with REDS Steering Committee members to develop recommendations

Held 6th full Working Group meeting on March 1

  • Discussed draft recommendations for the Alternatives Analysis Phase

Completed 31-page Research & Discovery Phase interim report and 6-page executive summary, divided into the following sections:

  • Regional Collaboration Models

  • Regional Economic Development Initiatives

  • DMV Community Leader Outreach

  • Regional Economic Development Competitiveness Assessment

  • Historic Efforts & Current Regional Capacities