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WBJ: A Hard Truth

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

New Report Shows the Region Lags on Indicators for Inclusive Growth

Economic prosperity, or lack thereof, has long depended an awful lot on which local zip code you live in - a fact that comes as little surprise to George Thomas. It's why Thomas, as vice president of innovation and strategic initiatives at nonprofit Connected DMV, hopes to build greater regional cooperation through the analysis of Greater Washington's disparities, neighborhood by neighborhood. His aim is to identify concrete items businesses, nonprofits and governments can do to fix what he sees as widespread problems in access - whether it's food, hospitals or education.

"It cannot be done by individual projects or somebody like an Amazon opening up an HQ2 here, or the big things that are happening in our region," Thomas said. 'These things help but these cannot be the sole look ahead for how we are doing."

Read more from the Washington Business Journal on The Brookings Institution's latest Metro Monitor Report, which shows Greater Washington lagging behind other large metros nationwide when it comes to racial inclusion and geographic prosperity.


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