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WDVM: Montgomery County could see new center to work to prevent future global pandemics

The council approved 500K in funding an initiative to prevent future pandemics

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Montgomery County started an initiative to prevent future global pandemics like COVID-19. A total of $500,000 is set aside to go toward a global pandemic prevention center.

Connected DMV is a regional nonprofit working to develop a stockpile of antibody therapies for known pathogens for diseases such as COVID-19. Officials believe if a stockpile of therapies and vaccines existed, we could have been better prepared for last year’s pandemic.

If the prevention center is fully funded and supported by more entities, the plan is to build it right in the heart of Montgomery County. The county is already home to a number of private sectors that have companies leading in vaccine research.

“There needs to be a massive increase of federal investment and private sector focus on best practices, research, scientific breakthroughs to prevent future pandemics,” said Hans Riemer, Montgomery County Councilmember.

Bill Gates is also supporting this initiative, but the center will depend on a joint effort, including federal funding


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