Solution Groups

Solution Groups are the primary mechanism to engage collaboration partners from industry, academia, and the public sector in the strategy for Connected DMV. These groups work with the Connected DMV team to provide thought leadership and feedback on the continued shaping of Connected DMV. 


The 18 Solution Groups mirror the Regional Framework below. Eight industry sector groups focus on regional outcomes and the digital solutions to achieve them. Ten enabling capabilities groups address the processes, abilities, and tools needed to deliver the portfolio of technology-driven solutions, as shown in the figure below: 

The Solution Groups are responsible to:
•    Help define key outcomes, metrics, and initiatives
•    Produce deliverables using program templates and framework
•    Interact with Connected DMV Strategy Team and other Solution Groups as appropriate
•    Answer key questions and resolve specific issues


Solution Group Details


The Solution Groups kicked off in June 2019 and usually meet monthly. Each group is led by co-chairs who bring leadership and domain expertise to guide discussions. The Solution Groups comprise 342 participants across 173 organizations in the region, including government, non-profit or association, private, and academic entities. 


The Connected DMV team works closely with the co-chairs to define the key activities and work products for the Solution Groups. The team also gathers and synthesizes inputs from the groups to help drive the strategy for Connected DMV. These Solution Groups don’t work alone; they meet with other groups as necessary to share relevant findings or form targeted sub-initiatives. 


When the Strategy phase concludes, the Solution Groups will conduct a checkpoint and determine the appropriate structure, scope, activities, and deliverables to continue supporting Connected DMV during the Design phases. The table below provides details about each Solution Group including member composition (as of December 20, 2019):

Download solution group descriptions. 

Instructions to Join a Solution Group

  • Complete this Google form to sign up for a Solution Group. 

  • Email if you have questions. Connected DMV team members will follow up and provide additional details about the groups.

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