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There are a number of great organizations doing important work in Greater Washington. But what the DMV desperately needs is one entity with the vision, resources, scale, and deep sector experience and relationships to harness and bind the capabilities and reach of industry, academia, government, and the nonprofit sector to deliver innovative solutions to some of our region's most complex problems, together.

That's where Connected DMV comes in. We bring together the region's collective assets and brightest minds to deliver initiatives that have the power to fundamentally reshape our physical, digital, economic, and social infrastructure to help the most vulnerable among us. We do it so that Greater Washington can live up to its promise and be the greatest place to live and work in the nation for everyone—from Anacostia to Georgetown and Oxon Hill to Arlington—no excuses.

Connected DMV isn’t just a convener. And, we’re not just about big, new ideas. We bring people together to deliver real-world solutions for real regional impact.


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While it is one of the most important metropolitan areas in the world, many benchmarks suggest that Greater Washington is lagging behind other large metropolitan areas in growth, prosperity, and inclusion. Historically, our region’s development has been constrained by jurisdictional fragmentation, limited cross-sector coordination, and socioeconomic inequities. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted both the inherently regional nature of our economy as well as stark socioeconomic divisions.

When COVID-19 hit, Connected DMV sprang into action. In April of last year, we launched the COVID-19 Strategic Renewal Task Force. This 51-member group of cross-sector leaders assembled to focus on combating the crisis, accelerating the region's economic recovery, and promoting social equity in the wake of the pandemic and beyond. The Task Force approved 13 active, bold, and actionable strategic region-wide initiatives focused on regional collaboration, health and education, and infrastructure and technology.


Collectively, these initiatives will deliver the physical, digital, and social infrastructure required to ensure everyone who lives and works in Greater Washington can thrive. It's a roadmap to a more equitable and prosperous future for us all.


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Global Pandemic Prevention & Biodefense Center


National Capital Hydrogen Center


Potomac Quantum Innovation Center


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Connectivity for All

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Together, we're going to Build Back Better.

We Are Greater Washington represents the first time in history that a group of cross-sector, cross-jurisdictional leaders have come together to pursue federal funding for regional projects to improve Greater Washington’s competitive advantages and focus directly on delivering equitable economic opportunities to improve the lives of all who live and work in the region. In October, Connected DMV and its partners submitted a concept proposal to the Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration's (EDA) Build Back Better Regional Challenge to develop a DMV Quantum Innovation Regional Growth Cluster.



Introducing the REDS 1.0 Report

The Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) 1.0 Report, “One: A Blueprint for Enduring Collaboration to Advance Economic Opportunity and Equity in Greater Washington,” lays the foundation for a long-term collaborative framework to improve the competitive advantage of the region both nationally and around the world by operationalizing an enduring cross-sector model made up of leaders from the public sector, industry, academia, community nonprofits and philanthropy working together to advance equitable economic development to improve opportunity for all. Further, it makes the case that the region can only solve structural regional problems that have been endemic constraints by coming together as a table of equal stakeholders  across jurisdictions and sectors.


Preventing the Next Pandemic

The Global Pandemic Prevention and Biodefense Center (GPPBC or “the Center”) will help prevent future outbreaks from becoming pandemics by developing a stockpile of human monoclonal antibodies in advance for emerging infectious diseases, and by integrating antibody distribution and delivery across the global health and pandemic prevention ecosystem.

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A key component of this network is our Solution Groups. They work with the Connected DMV team to transform our region and proactively define our future.

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